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Conestoga Farms is proud to work with egg farmers in Southwestern Ontario.

Our farmer partners are passionate about what they do and committed to bringing quality, premium eggs to Ontario families.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s a word from one of our egg farmers, in her own words:

“We have been egg farmers since 2011. What we love about egg farming is slightly different for each of us.

“I myself enjoy the chickens, their quirky behaviours and the learning phase, watching them learn how to navigate the perching and go up and down on the ladders and terraces. I love watching them have their dust baths. Most of time I don’t care if they use me as a perch. I love being in the barn with the chickens: how itís loud in the mornings when they finishing laying their eggs and quieter in the afternoon when they are getting ready for bed.

“My husband loves the lifestyle it affords us. We can fill up our days how we choose, it allows him to pursue other hobbies such as making maple syrup in the Spring. My husband is a millwright by trade so he’s great at maintaining all of our equipment in the barn.

“We both love that we can have our children in the barn with us and even inside with the chickens. Our chickens love our kids following them around in our barn.

“Our barn is a free-run/aviary barn so our chickens are all lose and taught to lay their eggs in the nest. This way of egg farming is in line with our farm philosophies. As well it has allowed me to join our local Egg Board where I have the opportunity of educating consumer on how their eggs are produced and where their eggs come from. I’ve met egg farmers from all across Canada and my husband attended ‘chicken school’ down in Iowa and met international egg experts.

“The opportunities egg farming has allowed us has just been amazing.”

The Van Kessels
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Southwestern Ontario Egg Farmers
The Van Kessels

The Van Kessels

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